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When Fayetteville, GA homeowners need a roofing contractor, Sure Thing Roofing Contractor will provide everything for the home with quality workmanship. Whether installing new roofs or just fixing a problem that may arise, hiring Sure Thing Roofing Contractor is a Sure Thing That You Can Count On. Contact Us Today At (678) 212-3993

We specialize not only as pros but also as experts when handling roof issues – no matter how big they seem! Give us a call today, so we can ensure your roof continues to do what it’s supposed to: Protect you, your family, and your belongings while making you the envy of your neighborhood.

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Professional Roofing Maintenance Services

Homeowners in today’s fast-paced world are unaware that their roofs can suffer from unseen damage long before it becomes an issue. Our company has been providing excellent local roofing service for more than 25 years, and we want to be a part of helping you maintain your home!  You may choose between a biannual on-site inspection or one every six months through our preventative maintenance program – whichever works best for you and your roof.

As if this isn’t enough protection, we also offer extended warranties depending upon the manufacturer and the type of material used when installing the new shingles.

Don’t wait another day before getting started! Maintaining roofs throughout Fayetteville, GA has never been easier.

Emergency Roofing Service In Fayetteville, GA

Be alert to changes in your roofing condition, such as:

Your roof is a major component of your home, which should be well maintained.

Free No-Cost Roof Inspection in Fayetteville, GA! Call us for an inspection at absolutely NO-Cost if you see any signs suggesting needed repairs or replacements on your roof. We have professional project consultants who will come out and take care of the problem right away so that the damage doesn’t get worse! We offer emergency service across all areas within Fayetteville and you can always count on us for quick service! Whether it be a rainstorm or something else, we will come out and take care of your needs as quickly as possible. 

That’s why we always have someone available to come out right away! Your peace of mind is our Number 1 Priority. Rest assured that, with 24-hour emergency service, you can always have someone on the job when it counts!

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Ray Hand

Sure Thing Roofing Contractor is a very good company to work with, they are determined to get it right.
Josh Thompson was great to work with, always answered his phone or returned my call quickly. I highly recommend Sure Thing Roofing Contractor because of high quality work, honesty, very skilled crews performing the work. Sure Thing Roofing Contractor cares about their Customers!!!